Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shoreline Monday

Got out nice and early monday morning, there was quite a bit of rain the night before but I was confident conditions would be fine. The alarm went off at 5am and I sat up in bed and then laid back feeling pretty dang comfortable and not motivated to go ride. My eyes were hard to keep open and as I gathered my things I cracked yawn after yawn. Heading to the car the streets were still slightly moist from late night rain. Yet I trucked on and loaded the car. As I hit the trail it was dark as usual and had my light go out on me twice. luckily it just fired right back up on its own steam but it had me wondering if I can make it thru this season on it. It is going on 4 or so years so it's time for a new setup this or next year I hope. Grabbed the full suspension so I could rip a run down Bobsled. Making my way to Dry Creek I was feeling soooo lazy and a couple of times debated turning back. But my dedication kept me going up until I reached Bobsled. I hate not having a larger traveling bike, or really a good full suspension. I remember how hard I use to be able to rip my Coil Air down Utah runs. I can't wait to get a new dope 150-160mm full suspension, just need 3-6grand. The sun was up and shining on the Great Salt Lake which was the highlight of this ride. The run back was quick and painless and caught the sun even on the last bit and it did feel glorious feeling it's rays for the last few weeks before the freeze comes. Oh sweet Utah you are glorious!

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