Sunday, October 26, 2014

Goosey Goose Friday

We arrived in Zion with enough time for the planned ride that evening at Goosebury. Goosebury Mesa is a very popular trails out on top of a mesa between St. George and Zion. While we geared up a truck full of polygamist were screwing around in the parking lot, reminding me of how those idiots live in our state. Off we went on the trail, my wife has been off the bike about a year now and off a mountin bike trail for probably 5 years. So she was a trooper on the white trail, it was pretty friendly but not as much as I though it was. She did so great though, we did not make it to the outlook but we did find the rim and found a rock and watched the sunset over Zion which was absolutely spectacular! what a way to start our weekend getaway in Zion!

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