Sunday, October 26, 2014

Park City Monday

Oh my goodness I got up for another Park City ride, it started in the darkness ofcourse, I found Jenni's trail and headed up. As I rode up I was stirring up memories of my first winter after moving to Utah. My first pass was at Park City so it always has great memories. Climbing up Jenni's it took forever to make it to the mine where I made an error searching for a trail and found myself on double track and then found single track. It happened to be a trail called two steps and it went up so I was fine with that. After many switchbacks and an incredible morning glow from the sun rise treating me on the way up I was at the yurt and out of time and needed to descend. Down Mojave and then over Mid Mountain and I came around a corner and caught a momma moose and her calf drinking 20 ft away on a streambed and we both crapped ourselves. I reacted with as fast of pedaling as I could and may have said a few explicit words before we both went our ways and I was in safety. I have seen so many moose this year its crazy, I think about 10 so far. I made my way to Spiro and get on down. I was a little disapointed in the way down, it was real choppy and worn out. None the less it was a great ride down to the car and another great start to a day!

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