Sunday, October 26, 2014

Corner Canyon Friday

We got Grandma to watch the kiddo for the weekend so me and LuAnn could get some much needed time together. We both love this beautiful state and we decided we have not spent enough time in Zion National Park. Bur before we could et off in the morning this guy went over to Corner Canyon for a pre dawn ride. Enjoying the suspension on the downhills lately but made the switch back to the Belltown and was good with that. As I began to ride my legs felt like dead weight, they felt lifeless. Not use to this feeling but I kept on and they warmed right up just fine after a few minutes thankfully. Not knowing what route to take I ended up on the shoreline going up and did a loop on the potato hills. Came across another rider in the dark and greeted each other and was nice to know I was not the only one out there. As I rode over Ann's I saw 4 more lights down the trails, another nice sign when your out riding solo in the mountain. At the top of Rush I got down just fine as light began to show and then over to rattler where I ended it an at the car after 90 minutes.

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