Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Satruday at Park City Mountain Resort

Man I wish I had more time to ride Park City so I got off on another morning adventure. Arriving at the resort base at 6am I had the light running as I found my way to Armstrong trail, a trail I have not ridden. It is known as a friendly climbing trail that is newish to the trail system, it offers a good climb with good views. It was pretty straight forward as I climbed past lifts and found it to be a very nice grade and enjoyed the crap out of it as I arrived at the intersection of Pine Cone Ridge which was a trail I rode last Saturday. I knew it was a 50 minute long trail which would give me unlimited options from the top for a long long descent but I was on a time frame and decided I would explore the lower trails without making my way to the top of the mountain. I strolled along mid mountain enjoying the first light hitting the golden leafed aspen trees, for those who have not seen before, it is absolutely magical! I made my way t my next intersection and climbed Crescent Mine Grade trail. I had to check my phone a lot more than I would like since there are plenty of trails in the area and Park City has done an absolute great job of adding to them over the years. Hit a fire road and made my way to a trail I never heard of called Mojave where I would finally point the bike downhill and rip. Having no suspension on choppy heavily used trails was terrible, reminding me to ride suspension where it counts. Most the way down I was feeling good until the front tire went soft, I remembered the last time I added Stans liquid to it, it has been a long time. I had a patched tube in my pack and opened up the tire off the rim to find a gold ball sized mound of stans hardened into a rubber ball. A strong reminder of maintenance on those tubeless setups is vital to success. Put air in the tube and was so happy it was holding air and I rolled down CMG down to the base with fingers crossed not to pop another tube. This has been the 5th tube this month I have replaced, time to get back setup tubeless proper and stop popping these tubes I hope. Stellar ride for sure, only a few more of those left I think with winter right around the corner, I can't wait to be there in December when I will be riding on snow!

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