Friday, November 25, 2016

Busy Skies

Monday came with some clouds, very very welcomed from the clear blue skies that I am use to around here. There was a chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon and as I drove I was picking where to ride based on the thunderstorm activity in the valley. The beauty of living in a big old valley I suppose, there were lots of activity and Usery was looking fairly safe and offered the biggest buffer form the big storms. Rolling into the trails it grew darker, the trail I was on was headed towards the thick of it, yet I remained under blue skies but right on the verge of some dark nasty clouds yet no thunder was heard as I continued. Then a few rain drops came down and man it was quite the scene to take in, absolutely stunning. As the clouds whirled the cell passed over the mountain and gray skies offered comforting shade and it was looking good for me. I sped around the park content. Still my stamina is lacking but I have shed some weight and feel like I am starting to gain ground just a little.

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