Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cacti Monday

On Monday I found myself armed and ready for my ride at 11:30. I went for Usery and decided to do some my normal and put in an out and back on Pass Mountain. As I got rolling about a minute into things, I see a woman on her bike coming my way on the trail, I see something on her shoulder, as she started to talk I already figured out what she was going to ask. She wanted to have me get it off her shoulder for her if I could, I agreed and she offered me a glove to help me get it off, I chuckled since theres no glove thick enough to stop a cholla from piercing it. So I got two narrow rocks and leveraged it closest to her arm and behind it and jerked the first big piece off, which happened to go right into my hand. I realized the predicament I was now in and took a second before I used my shoe and stepped on the cholla and began to pull with no avail. The thing was locked in the palm of my hand, I pulled with all my might and could heard the snap of my skin releasing the prickly bugger and it was painful. The rest came off easy on her shoulder and she was very thankful and all was well and I got back to pedaling. Wondering how I got that stuck to me and for what reason I was confused with my good samaritan but it could always be worse. It was a nice change on Pass Mountain, slightly spicy as I turned around and had a good DH. Had enough time to hit Moon Rock which is about as exciting as it gets other than Pass Mountain and all was good.

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