Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Happy 2,000 Miles!

Well it happened again! It's been a bumpy year but a good one. I was thinking back to my first ride in March of this year, I was just newly displaced in this desert and was anxiously riding around the desert looking for the goods. I had no idea what the year would entail or the rides to come but was hopeful. I can say it has been good, the heat has been unbearable sometimes, and the times I told my wife countlessly I wanted to leave this terrible place. I still don't feel much different but now knowing flagstaff and it's awesome is just a short 3 hr drive I will get by ride by ride, winter by winter until we get to leave. Still got a solid two more months to go so lets see what I can rack up! For me I was heading to Gold Canyon after the kiddo got on the bus. It was a slightly cooler day in the 80's and some clouds, as I rode into the trail system I was happy, the air was cooler, the environment inviting and was looking to mix up Gold Canyon in a different loop. I headed up Holly Hill which I have not done since my first ride there, then linked up Gila Monster and Diamondback. I was feeling different, not sire exactly what but was feeling happier than normal, things were good. I rolled out the ride to the car in joy and happy happy joy joy!

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