Thursday, November 17, 2016

More juice in the tank

With a heavy Monday my legs seemed to be in working order as I prepared for a Thursday ride. When tires went down at Hawes and crank got turning something did not feel quite right. My legged just felt really funny, I wondered if this was going to work. I can't remember ever feeling my legs so foreign. I guess they were just getting warmed up since it faded away quickly as I continued. I love the fast way into Hawes it never gets old. It's no huge drop but it sure fires up the stoke early in a ride. I planned to do something different and went for Upper Secret. Forgot this one needs to be ridden via Saddle but none the less I hiked the bits and made a loop and then onto Secret. It has been too long since I've made my way back this way sadly. All the better when I got to it and enjoyed it well. My legs by now were on par with normal and I was tackling climbs and having some fun. After Secret was over I made my way Saguaro Trail. It was some work and traction was lost but got up nice and high for a fun downhill. I was pressing time now and made my way back via Granite and others. This was a refreshing mix at Hawes, on with the rest of the week!

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