Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gold Mining

I got lucky with a nap from the boy and happily I went back to Gold Canyon. Decided for something different and got on Lost Goldmine to the end of the park. It does continue a little further but I was pushing my time limit. The ride was rough in the beginning, once I passed Cougar it mellowed out, I don't think I would ride it in that direction again but it was still fresh. I think we got rain this morning so the trails were ultra fresh and inviting. Now moving a bit faster and enjoying being up against the Superstition Mountains. By the time I reached don't fence me in trail I was ready for some easy pedaling, plenty of it all the way back to the car. Very much enjoyed this one, bring it on November. I got a big bike ride planned for the 14th I am mega excited for it, details to come but basically a 60 miler in Prescott AZ.

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