Tuesday, November 1, 2016

South Mountains Geronimo Trail

Saturday came round and I was heading in my lovely truck into the sun rise along with the rest of the valley to South Mountain. My homie Chris was meeting me there and we were going to knock out Geronimo. With a cooler morning than most it was soon soaked is salt sweat. Still this hell hole is scorching, it is better but still holding on. We got cranking up Beverly and I was feeling pretty good, it was fantastic to be back on the YT Capra, this bike is absolute blast to ride wether up or down the mountain. After Beverly we were going up Mormon and passed many many hikers shocked to see us up there, hah if they only saw Geronimo. Before topping out on National I realized how I am actually beginning to enjoy climbing National, the challenges are inviting and always offering. After a breather we dropped down and then to the top of the Geronimo trail. As I entered I was feeling pretty good, I rode in feisty letting my bike do all the work over the chunk. This being the second time riding it was still very fresh, I felt bad for Chris being on a less capable bike and my YT making it so soon easy but fun. It was over too short, I still wish it had more high speed like it does up top but I will take it for what it is and thats a beast! The plan fell apart as Chris tube took a pinch on the descent and we changed the 2nd one that morning on his bike. We had a stretch of pavement to the next trail but opted to take a canal trail back to the vehicles. It was a speedy return that relieved a mandatory hike that was in the plan and got me home early. I was packing in the bike and wanted more trail, gonna get me some next week!

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