Friday, November 25, 2016

Family Ride!

This has been so long over due, but the stars aligned and the family set off Usery. It was a busy Thanksgiving day but this was going down. Landon as pumped to hop on and off we went. At first the trail a bike took some getting used to on narrow trail, especially laced with cacti, my sons safety was in my hands. That sucker swaying behind me was not an easy task but as we got use to it soon he was hooting and hollering as we went up and down the little hills twists and turns. He absolutely loved it, what a great experience having a little passenger with such spirit. My wife really like the trail, she was happy and that made me happy. It was over too soon as we began the gradual climb I realized I could not climb much of a hill on this thing. Calves burning we got to the car and all happy we were. Great family outing!

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