Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Fantasy Island Rip

Onwards to Sunday and another early start on the trial before 6am. Beating the morning sun by a few minutes sure helps but I wish I could sooner but 5am is early enough to wake up for me. This trail was going to be interesting, a noodle web of trails and me trying to hit it all in one shot. Turns out I did pretty dang good. Started off on the one way Lone Cactus and sure wondered why it got that name. This place has been established by bikers and it showed. Lots of craft names and items along twisty mellow trails. It made for interesting sights and in my head wondering what was coming next after one creative monument or artwork after another. The trail was very easy and mellow, I was not complaining. After 2.5 hrs and 24 miles I had hit 100% they did a good job organizing loops so they all connected efficiently. No trail really stuck out to me, they all had unique characteristics but found myself missing Starr Pass but not complaining.

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