Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sun Tan turned up

Was ready for the heat, hydrated and bathed in sunscreen I was ready, it was stupid hot in my car without AC, but I am burning miles on the VW GTI anyway since that's what I got it for and no way am I investing in AC repair. I almost turned around and headed for the pool when the car said 103F but I went and ride anyway. Legs felt fairly good but still sore from Softball, I decided to see if I could set a new personal record on the Dynamite climb, turns out I did, pretty easily I might add, I guess my fitness is still on the climb, should be, I am 35 lbs lighter and workout 3 days a week and ride my bike 3-5 days :) Was decent out there, was stoked for the ride to be over after the quick 90 minute spin.

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