Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Thursday Mess

So on Thursday morning my kiddo woke up not looking great, soon after he awoke he started puking, he was really sick most the morning, it was one mess after another, cleaning himself, clothes and objects. He finally leaned how the puke bucket worked by the time the afternoon came and luckily he seemed to have perked up a bit too. I had to call him out of school and it was going to be a down day for the both of us. In my head I said perfect chance for a night ride, I never look for excuses to do night rides but this one seemed like a good reason. So got lighted up and headed out with just a little bit of desert light as my cranks began turning. It was a fun spin but definitely still have that spook factor still on my mind, even in the desert is doesn't feel less spooky than a heavily wooded tick filled CT.

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