Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sun Setting on Gold

So I went camping with my boy friday in Payson, we had a great experience and when we came home Saturday I really didn not need as ride but decided to ask anyway. Momma agreed to take me boy at 5:45 and that left me with the best time of the day and some pedal time on a new trail at Gold Canyon named Hoo Doo. Knowing it was a challenging trail only I had nto much to expect, it quickly turned into a riot! Steep climb and I was rendered useless on a few corners and rocks, my lack of suspensiona nd gears rarely renders me useless but this trail got me a few times. It was an absolute blast and like nothing I have ever rode. Quite challenged but so stoked on the trail it was over too soon just under a mile. This is an impressive addition to the trail system, can't wait to see what the builder has for us next.

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