Monday, May 8, 2017

Turned up too high

Well the dreaded heat has come, the car was reading 105F and I was really losing motivation for Fridays ride, but with the kiddo at school and better things to do than ride my bike, guess what I chose. Yes the heat was fierce, once I left in my car I could feel the frustration growing as the summer has come upon us, wishing so desperately I was somewhere else. Nothing left to do but suck it up and pedal into South Mountain for a mellow easy spin. Once I was pedaling it didn't feel so bad, loaded up in sunscreen from the sun and the breeze whizzing along the easy trails kept me pretty much entirely sweat free. I have noticed massive improvement in the sweat department, I think my white helmet is a high contributor or something else surely is. I spun around Somo and felt ok about it, was stoked to hit the car after my 15 miles and head home for a shower and get out of that sun!

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