Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gila Monster at Browns!

Off to Browns Saturday morning, love getting out to this place. I slept a good nights rest and it sure made the drive at 5am much nicer. The sun was up crazy early at 5:30am and I was looking forward to not dealing with it in the middle of the day. I kind of arranged a game plan for the morning ride and you kind of have to in a place with as many trails as Browns. The setting was absolutely breathtaking, the sunrise on the desert, the smell and sight of Yucca and numerous push desert blooms. I realized I kind of missed the Spring bloom as Browns the year but I was happy to see the flowered Yuccas, they're my favorite. Onwards to Granite Mountain for fun narrow flowing trail, then Bootlegger and cow pie and then went up Coyote which note to self don't ride in that direction! Then Over to Diablo a fun run and headed back to the car I ran across a Gila Monster! I have been looking for one of these since I moved here, it took more than a year but so cool to witness one. I need more Browns in my life.

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