Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Starr Pass and More

Ok so round 1, set the alarm early, was on trail by 5:45, had a game plan in mind to hit a loop on Starr Pass and then head out on another loop. I got pedaling I was feeling pretty good, fresh legs and the trail started off lots of rocks, then it mellowed and aw wrong turn but on tight trail and headed towards the mountain. The hit a smoother faster section and headed thru a cool spot and then rode really pleasant trail around the mountain, really good stuff and the headed thru the Starr Pass and the trail got even better. Expecting rocky and loose I got got twisty and fun! I made the loop and then it was off to Explorer, the first black trail of the morning. That was a tough technical climb but one that could put a smile on your face. Once it peaked out it was a ok ride down on loose rock. The Robles to Ledge Surfer to Camaro to Bittersweet to Cascabel, and so on. All great mix of trials and each one very indue and very good. I can say this ride has it all and was very very good. Good start to the trip!

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