Monday, August 8, 2011

Cottonwood Creek to Fifth water

Two incredible long mountain rides yesterday, I started off my first ride in a very unique location up spanish fork canyon and where I started is known as three forks. This is a very popular spot for people hiking the water falls and hot springs, luckily my ride starts just one canyon over from it named cottonwood creek. The air was very very cool which felt amazing for mid august. The canyon was a little dark and creepy but my mind was focused on single track. It was a comfy climb some 6 miles later that opened up in large smooth mountains that line a healthy bear populated strawberry reservoir. I then rode some pavement to the second water trail where climbing yet again began to push me to my limits as I made my way into the alpine aspens trees. They are usually my favorite scenery when riding they just look really cool. Then things got ugly as I traversed a hillside and hiked a bike for a long time. Then when I reached the level alpine forest I had yet another amazing taste of scenery. Then that mother went down steep and fast to leave me at third water where I hesitated to cheat and go down it but I decided to continue up mountain for yet another hike a bike. These trails are frequented more by dirt bikes than bikes so they were pretty tough climbs that took a lot of my energy out of me. By the time I made it up to the top of another mountain I was descending through very thick overgrown single track that was a great downhill which lead me to fourth water. Now the goal was to make it to fifth water but I was low on energy and was suposed to be back at the house at 11 and it was nearing 11. So I headed downhill to catch a great long run. This trail was a little rough in patches because it did not receive much use. None the less it was a fun kick butt downhill that lead me to the paved road and I rode over to fifth water and descended. What a great unique mis of trails I was riding. Fifth water was rocky, steep, lined with red sand in points and a very good time. I arrived to the hot pots and got all ready to jump in and as I walked in I felt immediate burning. That sucker must have been 130 degrees and I didn't think to check the temperature since last time I was in the water was great. So to my disappointment I was unable to relax in the natural hot tubs the earth has made so I was forced to head down into some more great downhill. After a while which seemed never ending, I arrived back to the car after a long 4 hours of riding. The ride tapped out at 20.2 miles and 3769 feet of climbing which is probably most I have done and I had 3570 feet of downhill. I don't think you could find a ride in CT that can do that in four hours........another incredible trail to start my incredible day.


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