Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wasatch Crest Spectacular

There is so much to say about this incredible trail, it is the icon of scenic big mountain rides. I have ridden this trail in many directions and linked different ways but the shuttle up to guardsmans pass and crest to millcreek canyon is usually the way to go. After a run in with an endodontist for some pain I have been having on a 15yr old root canal, I was sent into surgery and sliced up. I was given the ok by my Dr. who is a mountain biking fella as well, that I should be ok to perform my ride which was 90 minutes after they cut drilled and stitched me up. I questioned my sanity as my dedication to ride was so great. For this ride I somehow managed to pull together three of my good friends to spend a great evening on the trail. We parked our shuttle car down at base of Mill Creek Canyon in salt lake which "shed a tear" a year ago I use to live. We then had to shuttle two cars up Big Cottonwood Canyon since no one could take four bikes and four dudes. We climbed up to the parking location and got to climbing, it was about 6:00 when we started riding so we were in for a real treat with the sun going down as the mountainswould show their full majestic forms that they are. Now I forgot my camera this trip "DOH" so the iphone camera was going to have to do the trick. We climbed and climbed a steep hill which just so happens to be called "puke hill" It managed to conquer a few of us but I kept climbing in hopes to reach the top without setting foot to the ground. I made it 95% up when I lost traction and set a foot down.....10 seconds later in the same spot I continued to complete the climb which I decided to say counted since I only took a breather and started in same spot :) We all then took a rest because we just covered 1400Ft in 1.4 miles! We then set off on some double track which lead to single track diving up and down the ridge line of pinecone ridge of Park City Mountain Resort. The views were spectacular as I looked at silver lake and Brighton and famous Wolverine Cirque and all the great views. To distract me from my views were little pockets of alpine trees which are my favorite part. We were riding great and everyone was having a good time. Everybody even made it safely down the spine and soon we were at the top of what was going to be a 4900 foot descent into millcreek canyon. We all held our own and worked our fingers until they cramped after holding them for our 30 minute of amazing dowhnill. It dropped us off onto the upper millcreek which we still had another couple thousand feet of downhill pavement which was really fun with all four of us chasing one another down at high speeds. Soon we were at the cars where my great day came to an end. As the sun went down and I sat with the bikes I could not be more thankful about my amazing day. Today I am going to take a break from pedaling since I have been pretty selfish and need to spend time with my wife and less with my bike :) CT legs and lungs are still good to ride today though.

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