Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Huntington Cruise to Beating

Finally after 12 days of no riding I finally got back on the bike! I was able to ride my new frame which was no different than my old Raleigh just that this one was not cracked. The Raleigh rode a little funny as I hoppped on and started pedaling around, I think it's probably cause I had spent some 70+ miles on the buff Utah trails on that GT Sensor. It was great to be back on the trail today, I was a little hesitant since it had been weeks since i have been on a creepy morning ride. I had my buddy Bentley by my side so we could fight off anything coming our way. As I rounded the first corner I came face to face with a home boy deer with two of his ladies and they scampered off into the woods which was good cause me and Bentley were standing my ground. We rode off to the trail that skirts the lake so that we would have plenty of light cause the longer I stayed out of the thick forest the more the sun rose. I rolled through the trail having a bit of trouble with the technical, the SS along with not riding in awhile caught me off guard but it wasn't a big deal. Off to the parking lot and onto the good stuff, this is my favorite part of the trail system which lies on the north end of the park and is fun. I am still riding it clockwise and it appears from the trail that it is meant to be ridden counter but I enjoy it this way and will reverse it soon to see how it goes in the other direction. It was so great to have Bentley with me and be back. Did a good sized loop that was short on miles but good on trail so I finished it to get back and head to work.

Huntington casual to beat down

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