Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Corner Canyon

So it just so happens that I friended the Dr. that repaired my tooth on monday, he is a huge mountain bike lover just like me, he gave me his cell number and sure enough this morning we went for a ride. It was another early bird 6:30 start which meant a 5:00am wake up for me. We were all set to meet at 6:30 and ride some new trails I have not yet been on in corner canyon. We began uphill and my legs felt ok, but had a deep pressure feeling in my thighs and were refusing to work at full power, so luckily I was able to hang somewhat with my new friend Jamie. He had a really great bike that I couldn't help but admire being a black sheep bike. We climbed up canyon hollow which I have never used as an uphill route and it's too bad I hadn't cause it was great, it reminded me a bit of clarks but more distance and less steep. Soon arrived at the top and to my surprise I counted 8 other mountain bikers, this place never use to be this popular but that's not a big deal. We were set to ride the RUSH trail and this is a trail my friend Jamie who is on the trail committee, put a lot of effort into building and making sure it was done properly. It was fun, lots of berms, fun high speed table tops and lips everywhere, was really fun chasing him down the trail. Soon we began climbing again to get to the top for yet another good thrill. This time Ghost Falls was on the radar and he gave me the front and I tore down hill. I love Ghost Falls and I think it remains as my favorite downhill option in corner canyon still so you know I had a great time. Made our way down the canyon and to the car where we parted ways and had yet another great morning on the trail! Phone everytrail went haywire so I didn't get accurate tracking for the first biggy

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