Sunday, August 7, 2011

Corner Canyon.....Terrible times....

This riding is too good to be true! It has been over a year since I have set foot in corner canyon and it has been a year too long. I woke up about 5:45 and still was unsure of where to pedal today with so many options. I decided to go ride the corner canyon trails and get in a new trail I have not yet ridden. I had a 40 minute ride up to Salt Lake where I got off the highway and into draper which is about as far south as salt lake county gets. Got the bike out and put it together and ecstatic to be riding again today! I began to pedal up the little canyon in the cool shade with a nice breeze flowing through the ravine, not a care in the world as I was about to ride yet another spectacular trail. I was heading uphill on some wide single track in and out of short treed forests, the dirt was begining to be moondust but still provided great traction for my uphill ascent. I then shot out onto a dirt road and began climbing until I hit clarks which had me twisting and winding up the canyons until I reached the top of the trail where I usually start riding downhill. I had found out about a road that leads up to a trail called Jacobs ladder which added some 800 feet of more downhill so of course I was game. With legs strong I pedaled up the double track with ease and over one hill after another the views got even better! By now I could see clearly into Salt Lake and Utah Valley for miles. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming that this was really this good! I evenetually with some navigating found my way to the top of Jacobs ladder where I celebrated my climbing victory. Took in the views and found my trail I would be taking downhill for my 1800Ft FOOT DESCENT! So down I went and man it was so good, it had some steep loose stuff that actually gave me somewhat of a challenge, the brakes were stinking from all the work they were doing but were still performing great. Hit some switchbacks and was flying down mountain quite quickly. Soon I was at the top of Ghost Falls trail where I then dropped another 1,000 feet into downhill greatness. I was cooking through the woods and everything was feeling great including the bike. I could not believe at the speed I was going down mountain that I had not yet been out of trail but it just kept being fed to me. Too soon I arrived back to the car and was amazed at the great ride I just had as I looked up thanking the mountain for getting me down safely. Don't know if time will provide for second ride today but Monday will not disappoint.

Corner canyon amazingness

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