Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good Rip At Huntington

Set off on yet another morning ride this morning. I awoke surprisingly not too sleepy so I got up and began my morning ritual and waited for light and was out the door. Got the tires and paws down at 6:15 and all was well, I could feel a little in my legs but I knew it was no big deal since Huntington is not a very hilly place. I headed down the gravel road and hopped onto a trail that was a good warmup being a mellow trail. Shot me out onto Blue gravel road where It brought be around the perimiter of the far eastern part of the park. It was very easy but I have been wanting to ride some unridden stuff for the moment and make sure I am not missing out on anything. Sure enough I was not missing out on anything and began a nasty ascent on a rock filled hill. I was on the north end which is my favorite part of this park, the sun was glimmering between trees and life was good. I hit the goods up north and then made my way over to another familiar trail and then hit the gravel road again to get back to the car. Starting to really miss my Case Mountain since I have not been in over a month. I should be back living in Manchester by sunday so monday will be a much needed reunion!

Goid rip @ huntington

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