Monday, August 1, 2011

Huntington Dawn Patrol

Hit Huntington this morning since we are all crashing at my parents until tuesday. Works out fantastic for me with a short commute to work and Huntington so close. Alarm buzzed and I popped out of bed energized after a short 5 hours of sleep, but I was really excited to hit the trails. My buddy Bentley joined me and we were off to the park. As I pulled in the sun slowly rose as a glowing fireball coming through the trees. I was really happy to be riding this morning and it felt good starting my day off on the right foot. We tore down the trail and kept on the gravel and then hopped on some dirt and got cranking around the lake, then onto the familiar trail that I use to ride way back when all the time. It then spit me out onto the gravel road again and then to an intersection where I took a right onto blue and headed down hill and then found some used single track on my left and got climbing into a scenic overlook. Had a decent view of some of the nearby hills, not much of a lookout since it did not have much elevation but was still a nice sight. I then shot down the hill and continued back to the intersection and headed onto it, this was a great trail and I can tell a frequented bike trail. It had quite a few tech sections and some good quick climbs but nothing very long. This trail was pretty long and took me a little while to complete as it twisted back and forth making it way to the pond. Eventually I hit a chimney and shot down onto gravel road. Then I made my way north on another carriage path which was blue I believe and shot down the hill and back up a grueling rock garden. I contemplated my decision but kept with it cause I knew where I was at the moment. Top of that and things began to open up and got some quick smooth downhill action that was very welcomed. Back up and onto a really really fun trail that eventually ends in the parking lot and then made my way over to spin city and up to the car. I love this place! It is such a great place to ride, I can't get enough of it, this wednesday after work I shall be going back if the weather holds up.

Huntington dawn patrol

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