Thursday, August 4, 2011

Soggy Huntington Evening

So I have been trying for almost a year to get my homie craig out to go ride, due to our schedules and living 1.5 hours away from one another it just never worked out. Craig has mountain biked in his past and went a few times last year, but had not been this year and now that we work in the same building we finally got to ride. My brother joined us as well, not really having any experience with mountain biking other than being able to ride a bike well he never did anything off trail so this was going to be new to him. I chose huntington being that I really like riding there and thought some smooth trails as I recall would be friendly towards all of us. The ride time was supose to start at 6:00 but they were running late due to traffic. I on the other hand had a quick escape from the office and got tires down before 6:00 so I went into the park exploring some things and trying to stay close to the car. I was having fun exploring and not being worried about any time crunch and found some old trails I once been and found some new stuff I have not. The weather was wet and raining lightly and I was pretty unhappy about the weather since I had been waiting a long time to ride with these guys. Visibility was lacking being in the thick woods and some rocks were slippery and some were not but there was no mud to be found anywhere and some dirt was even bone dry. I made it down one of the techiest spots in the park even with some slick rocks and that was a pat on the back for me and made me smile. I then got lost as it was time to get to the car to meetup with Craig and Adam but I eventually found my way and got to the car as they were gearing up. We sped quickly into the woods and shortly coming upon quite a few obstacles than I remember which wreaked havic on my poor brother who beat himself up for having to put his foot down more than he would like. One after another it was way more than I can remember, I gues when I am riding solo I am just unaware of what the trail really consists of but rather only how much I like it! It was a bit slow moving through that stretch of trail system and then we got pretty far north where the trail got smooth and buff. Then Adam proceeded to shoot off like a rocket with Laney following right on his tail cruising through the woods. He shined his downhill talent and let off for sure some of his frustration he built up while on all that tricky tech stuff. By now we were at the bottom of the hill and began to climb back into the park. Slowly and surely we closed the loop with some great singletrack by the what I want to call the playground since there are alot of natural features in a concetrated area. By the time we got to the car it was dark and I was excited to get into the dry car and get home. Heck of a good ride and look forward to getting out for the next one with them which will be who knows when.......Utah ride on saturday cannot fricken wait!


Huntington pre ride

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Huntington homies

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