Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nathan Hale Big Grouper

Thursday night ride was on and Nathan Hale was the victim and 5:45 was the ride time, I arrived 5 minutes before the ride and pulled into the lot and saw a huge crowd of bikers I didn't think it was our group but I did notice John so I parked next to the line of cars. I was the last one to be there it seemed, there were already 12-13 people and lots of new faces. Got geared up and got the dog out and waited as one more was expected to arrive. Soon enough we all pedaled into the woods in a long line and Bentley at my side. I was riding smack in the middle of our pack and it didn't take long and I lost Bentley to the rider behind me, he is very good at yielding, perhaps too good. I was constantly waiting up for the big guy as he fell behind no matter what I tried. It was a huge group and it was working the both of us. Normally were with a group of 4 or 5 and I hang in back to keep us organized. It wasn't long and a few people peeled off the group but still leaving us 10 or so deep. Still making it tricky for me and Bentley. we got 90% done and got to the awful rocky trail and I had had enough and set off on a solo mission with just me and my pooch. We got a little crazy on some fire roads and then shot across the street to ride a new trail someone built. It was very very fresh and hard to follow but in no time I am sure it will be buff. I then found my way back to the lot where I met up with the remaining fellas and hung out for a little while. Good ride and still had lots of energy to burn and wanted more but darkness was coming.

No pics this ride......
Enjoy VT

Hale big grouper

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