Monday, July 4, 2011

New Cranky

So the new part arrived friday so I anxiously of course had the bike apart that night only to find that it required a special tool to install the bearing cups. I have shimano tools and this did me no good, I completely forgot that this might use a different tool. So I was stuck with it put together half way. I did not decide what to do until monday today which had me run over the EMS where John hooked me up and let me use his tool and then I was on my way back home to finish the job! Everything popped right in and with too long messing with a chain I was on my way to Case to ride. The crankset felt nice and smooth and will be even smoother once I get the chain length right. It was a good buy, a buy I wish I hadn't had to made but the bike has been very kind to me so I have to show it some love.


  1. The red chain is a nice touch!

  2. yea.... they had a ton of color options so I figured why not.....does add i a little touch I suppose