Saturday, July 2, 2011

Big Times At Bigelow

Saturday has arrived and it had me very busy at work today, but I was excited to get out to Bigelow and ride with John. The latter week had proven to be significantly difficult with my wife being involved in an automobile accident by a negligent driver hitting the rear end of her beautiful Audi. There was a tremendous amount of damage but luckily she had escaped the incident unscathed. I am so thankful that she is well and don't know what I would ever do without her. Also this week my poor little Bowie had another very very bad reaction to his distemper vaccine, the little guy had swollen up like a sumo wrestler and became dangerously close to anaphylactic shock. Luckily a steroid injection and lots of benadryl has provided our precious little guy with some relief. He now has been treated with excess amounts of love and support and he is on his way to a speedy recovery. I figured I would be calling off todays ride due to his health but he was looking better after his vet visit in the morning and I got the OK to tear up the dirt. There was a scheduled time for 2:30 start and that was the time we started on the trail. We quickly sped into the woods with Bentley at my side, he had been so set on being by my side the entire ride no matter what space he has next to me and I love it. Shortly into the ride one of the fellas had a major mechanical with his bike which had ripped it's deraileur off. Amazingly he carried an extra one and 10-15 minutes later was back pedaling along the trail. The trail was nice and conditions were about the same as the other week when I had visited, some sloppy mud areas and lots of biting mosquitos having a good old time on my skin. We made our way to breakneck and I finally got the chance to get a picture off, it was where the trail hits massachusetts and then follows the west side of pond. This trail was where I went wrong last time, it was nice hitting that stretch as it winded up and down the shoreline. We then hit the dirt road and headed back north and got on the blue orange trail which was a real treat. With the climbing beginning again the legs were really quite powerless and with the 6 rides in the last 6 days was not helping the cause. We climbed a twisty tight trail up to a beautiful narrow single track outlined with tall bright green grass which made it one beautiful piece of work! We continued down off the ridge and pedaled the rest of the way to the road where unfortunately due to time restrictions I had to part ways with John and head to my car. I got home and got out of the car and felt every bit of the miles that were had this week and for some weird reason if I get the opportunity I am sure I will be back riding tomorrow. Happy Saturday!!!!!

Big ol bigelow

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