Thursday, June 30, 2011

Black Ledge To Case

So thursday rolled around and the normal thursday night ride was a go! John had posted up a ride starting at black ledge. We set wheels down with a solid group of four people, Alex was borrowing Johns Kona and started flying down the trail and I found myself in back trying to catch up with these 29ers. Luckily my good old boy Bentley hungout with me in the back so it was all good. We rode some really fun trails in Gay City Park that I have never rode and I think they will be excellent for taking my wife to. We were ripping through the woods and my heart was pounding but it felt good. We ended up climbing out of Gay City and crossed birch mountain and got into Case. By now a significant amount of climbing was had, but I was still feeling good and keeping up with the fellas and so was Bentley. The Dawg was feeling slow as normal but was paying off on the downhills with the modest 5 inches of suspension travel. We did a good loop into Case and soon was back across the road and heading down the ribbon trail I believe it is named. This trail I have always liked, probably built for mountain bikers by mountain bikers. Ended up back at the car 90 minutes later and had really enjoyed that ride that I wish didn't have to end. Turned out to be the 5th day straight riding and going strong, we will see what the weekend brings :)

Black ledge to case

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