Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things taken for granted

So after my big ride on tuesday we got a significant amount of rainfall the next 4 days so I was forced off the dirt. It was a tough week at work but I am happy to say I will be leaving VW and moving onto bigger and better things which is great! I am so thankful for my little family and days I get to spend with them and can't wait to see what our future holds! Life is about to get pretty busy with summer in full swing and moving and going to Utah which I cannot wait to do! Hopefully with my new job which has a little over an hour commute each way and can hopefully allow me to get out before work starts and also will get me into some new ride locations! It is officially my favorite hobby that has turned into an full blown obsession and I am so glad my understanding wife can cope with my passion for riding. Speaking of riding, I have been doing so much of it that both bike are beginning to take a toll, it terrifies me thinking of not being able to afford the simple costs of maintaining a bike and we are trying to work it into our budget and I have had great luck with both bikes but on tuesday the raleigh crank finally told me it had enough. It needs a new crank desperately and I am ready to pull the trigger on one but with the upcoming expenses of vacation and other things it is going to be a tough decision. The raleigh is in the shop right now getting the brakes looked through and getting wheels trued, the bb5s have become quite challenging for me to work with and in frustration I plan on getting some bb7s real shortly. But first I have to get this crank, tires, grips, chain to get through this summer without anymore hiccups. When it's all said and done I hope to be riding on an Niner Air 9 next summer but that's a ways away and I love what I got right now and never plan of getting rid of it! Rode the kona today and had a few issues with the drivetrain but nothing too bad, john noticed the rear cassette wasn't rotating smoothly on it's axis so I may have a bent axle. Another thing I have got to look into which make my backup bike a questionable reliable ride....... I will continue to tear it up until it refuses to allow me to pedal. So hopefully this week of riding goes smoothly and I have no bad news to report.

FSA V-Drive SS crankset

WTB Exiwolfs 29x2.3
Ergon Grips
KMC Chain


370$ worth the damage I will be doing this summer which might not be much to some people but is to me, thank goodness for this new job!

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