Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Morning Mr. Case

So I thought after the beating I took at Mesh that I would not be so ambitious 9 hours later but it did happen and I was very happy it did. I fell asleep wednesday night unsure of how I was going to awake at 4:30 am, before I could awake to the alarm I was rudely awoken by the throbbing painful holes in my shin. The night before I took a spill that left with me with a pretty beat up shin and it was bad enough that it woke me up in quite a bit of discomfort. I tried to ignore it for 30 minutes but it eventually forced me out of bed and I removed the band aids to take a look and give the holes and scraped a clean. I was having a very hard time walking and it was very painful so I figured since I was up I was going to watch TV out in the living room and maybe sleep or waste some time. I had my leg propped up and sat on the couch realizing that a morning ride was out of the question. An hour later and some 800 mg of ibuprofen I was actually able to put some weight on it and but I still thought it was a bad idea. 4:30 came around and I wondered if I could actually pull off a ride, I could see myself mad if I chose not to ride and regretted it later so I gave it a shot. I got to case and it was a nice cool 55 degrees, which felt soooo good. I hopped on the bike and began the gravel path up Case and I was definitely feeling some hurt on my shins and my shoulder and my thumb and my elbow but it seemed to quickly fade away as I climbed further up the mountain. I was flying my way up on the 29er SS since I had spent the last week on the heavy all mountain Kona Dawg. Nothing against the Dawg but my raleigh XXIX just feels soooo good! Over on blue and back up another climb to the power lines and the sun began to hit the trail. This is always my favorite part of the ride, it feels like the sun is rising just for me and the way it looks and feels I appreciate every day that it rises every morning for me. Some great feel good vibes and smiling happily alone in the woods I continued down the power lines to the reservoir where I caught some more great views. Back up Case mountain and enjoyed an outlook over the landscape which happened to be hartford and behind it lay a fog which looked pretty cool. I am sure my camera phone failed to capture most the beauty of the moments of my ride but I remember them like it was a minute ago. I lost my track I was recording due to not fully uploading the trip and then updating my everytrail software, no biggy...... Rain is on the way so I am not sure when the next ride is to be but I imagine saturday after work and sunday if all goes well. Next week I will be absolutely making sure I get to new locations. Now get out there and pedal!

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