Thursday, June 9, 2011

Belly of the Beast

So the alarm went off at 4:45 and I sprang up to take a peek outside and see what the weather was like since the late evening thunderstorms I fell asleep to. It did not look good, the pavement was covered which meant it hadn't stopped raining long ago so I decided to go back to bed and plan for an after work ride. The day started and to work I went, the day was hot as expected and the predicted thunderstorms had not yet arrived. I had viewed the radar on my lunch break and it was not looking good, there was a solid wall of red and orange out in upstate NY. I was hoping that they were moving slow enough that I could get a ride out, I kept checking and it grew nearer by the time I was ready to leave work at 4:00. I had wanted to head north to a never ridden bigelow hollow but with the weather closing in I headed a little bit south to Case where I know I can make an easy escape if weather got deep. Which it did, I hit the trail 4:15 and pedaled hard up case mountain on the full suspension, up to the top and looked out the the NE and the skies weren't looking too bad. Put metallica on and headed down Pink, it has been a long while since I really felt the flow of a downhill trail, I guess it was the plush full suspension and my Utah days came back to me and I had a pretty fun time heading down. I started to make my way back up and I was hearing little grumbles above me, nothing serious but it was enough for me to head back to the car. I was probably about 45 minutes into the ride and really really didn't want to leave, but I know the risks of being out in a bad storm. What a nasty storm it was, I got home just in time to watch the show from my couch through the porch slider. Lets hope for a clear morning so i can get my fix to prep for the weekend.

Case shorty thunda

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