Sunday, June 26, 2011

De Case

The weather as you all know has been junk but on saturday the weather took a turn for the better, the clouds opened to blue and the sun began to shine in the afternoon and while I was thinking of a ride, I was enjoying an afternoon nap after work and being with my wife too much to get out on the dirt. I decided that the conditions would be good for sunday morning and that would be the day to ride. John posted up on that he would be riding case at 8am which was a bit early since most my days start at 6:00am and the night before I got only 5 hours of sleep and it was going to be another night of only 5 hours of sleep but you know that can't stop me. So the 6:15 alarm rang and I sat up in bed questioning my sanity. But low and behold after some couch time I found myself gearing up for the ride and into the bedroom I went to grab the lazy pooch off the bed which I had to drag off and then watch him stand there in confusion and then drag him into the living room. You all may see him as a wild hyper dog but don't be fooled, at home he is one lazy lazy dude. I can tell he wasn't amped for the ride but when we got to the pond lot he was fired up. I met with John and off we went. Up the mountain and down and through we went, quickly we arrived at the bridge which hung a right at and then onto a trail I have been on at Case! I couldn't believe I had not ridden about every trail in the joint but it was very nice and smooth and it was a nice change of scenery although it was a bit short but it emptied out at the bottom of the reservoir which was great. Around the reservoir we went and then over to the west side and started climbing. I was especially low on energy wether from the lack of sleep or lack of something but it was great to be out pedaling this morning. We went up and up and eventually ended up on yet another trail i had not ridden I could not believe it. I had an idea there might be a small network of trails up on this hillside but I had not been that adventurous to get up there but I was glad we did because it was a rewarding downhill. We ended back at the reservoir and then climbed up towards tinti and eventually on tinti. Bentley was tearing it up he flew so fast on the downhills and it was sooo great to have him by my side. He was focused the whole ride to be right next to me and I was sure to give him some space to ride next to his pops. I was sure to give him some pats on the head to let him know I appreciated his enthusiasm. We enjoyed yet another rewarding downhill to the bridge and then got climbing again and had some more fun on some very tricky wet roots and rocks. I was really low on evergy and my belly was empty but I kept chugging along trying to catchup to John. Eventually we got to the top of Case and began our decent and enjoyed it greatly. I couldn't believe how fast Bentley followed me down he was right there the whole time. Got to the car and parted ways for a great start to a busy day. Incredibly great ride as usual as the sun and fog and clouds really made it a unique weather ride but was a goal accomplished. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Tough morning

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