Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Case Of Mondays

The weather has been sucky....have not been getting much ride time in due to the weather, it always seems to be doing something which makes me very frustrated basing my rides on the weather. I have been needing to get to some new ride locations but unable to check them out with these frequent rain storms. So I have been spending a lot of time at Case which is great because the place is always dry but I am beginning to become bored with it. So with the wet weekend I had set off monday for a ride after work to none other then Case Mountain. Bentley came with me and it was great having him there, he had his batteries all charged up and had a fresh bath the day before which worried me how long his freshness would last. We charged up case and did a perimeter loop and by the time we made it to the the reservoir bentley had seen a leaf on the water which looked an awfully lot like a tennis ball and off into the water he went, I cringed as I watched him ruin the hard work I spent on his bath...but I got over it and started throwing sticks which he happily retrieved. Back up Case Mountain and to the car we went. Was another great day on the Kona although I find myself sloppy sometimes on it, I am still enjoying it's company over the last 6 years. Until next time which should be wednesday morning or evening ride can't wait!

Case of mondays

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  1. I do have to say I enjoy your titles - very creative ways to use Case in there... but I do agree, you need to get out riding new places. Half the fun of riding is exploring new trails!