Friday, June 10, 2011

Moist Case

Managed to get myself out on another morning ride, It has been surprisingly easy getting up very early in the morning and I am starting to like it. I beat the heat and it's the best time of the day to exercise and it feels really cool when the sun is coming up starting the day, really learn to appreciate how great it is to be alive and healthy! I chose the all mountain rig today and was glad I did, it is so nice to get some seat time while riding, the other bike the rigid, forces me off my seat every bump. I did a normal 90 minute loop around buckland reservoir which always looks amazing in the early morning. I believe some other crazy was out there since I saw a fresh tire print which made me feel somewhat more comfortable with the creepy dark woods. The pace was slower on the kona but was such a great ride!


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1 comment:

  1. peddaling ginger,
    great pictures! I didn't expect it to be so dark for the start of your early morning rides, you are a brave man.
    I miss seeing pictures of your buddy B. you need to take him again sometime soon. also I must confess I have a big crush on you, I guess is the G factor. (G for ginger)
    love the blog by the way.