Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hale of a beating

So thursday has come and the normal thursday night ride was going to go down. Work got done early today at 4:00 and so as planned I decided to put in an extra hour before I met up with the guys, it seemed like a good idea t the time and I did enjoy my ride but I needed the steam to get through the second one that was for sure! The lot was jam packed, probably 20+ cars and 30 bikers. Our group was the last to take off and we had quite a few new guys joining us and I had a feeling I was in trouble once I saw all the carbon and sponsored covered lycra. I wasn't really in the mood to rush things so I took it at a comfort pace in the back of the pack, I questioned if I should of joined but it's always nice to have company on a ride. Unfortunately since we were riding nathan hale I did not bring bentley since last time he came home with a tick party on him, I really missed my buddy I kept searching for him or expecting to hear his bell but he was not there. We Made our way through the woods having a good old time. I would have liked to have been up front working it but I did not have the power to be up there. We powered through the woods with quite a few mechanicals in the team but the breaks were welcoming. By the time we were getting close to the end of the ride on scoliosis I was spent and could not wait to hit the lot. It came slowly but we did end up making it there. Was a good ride and couldn't wait to get home and get some food in my belly! Three hours and 13.9 miles I definitely expected more milage but I accomplished my three hour goal.

Hale of a beating

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