Tuesday, July 19, 2011

West Rock Roam

Been too long since I have been out ona ride and this one was much needed! I got up to the 5am alarm clock and out of the house thirty minutes later. Walking out I felt how humid and warm the air was and knew this was going to be a warm one. The sun rose on my rear view mirrow glowing tremendously like a big basketball as it slowly made it's way into the sky. I arrived to the trailhead at 6:30 and got right to pedaling, this is somewhere I have set tires on a long time ago but only for a short time. I didn't do much research into what trails to link so I went with the always safe perimeter loop. I took off on some wide gravel road that was really scenic and then shot down to the lake to ride find some singletrack which I did but was not fantastic. I then got back to the gravel road and stuck it to the shore until it climbed up a big rock pile to red white trail and followed that which got really good really quick but unfortunately ended shortly onto an old paved road. I then rode the paved road up to the ridge and kept hopping onto blue looking for some luck on a good trail but it was very very rocky and many places unridable. I proceeded to hop on and off the blue trail in hopes of hitting a good stretch but it only left me disapointed. I saw a few trails off the my right on the road but I knew they were quick downhills that would send me off mountain so I avoided them until I got to the other end of the park. When I finally did get to the end I got on blue which was yet another mistake of going on it but it did eventually put me onto red trail which was a mountain bike trail and I enjoyed the short descent off mountain. I then ripped onto red white and this was a very very welcoming trail. Fun smooth twisty and a little short but when it spit out onto the red trail it turned out to be a great trail as well. I was really glad to be off the paved road and on dirt again. The trails below the ridge that don't run up it are pretty mellow and buff. I reached the parking lot with some time left so I headed around the lake on the opposite side. Then got in the ride and off to Trumbull! Nice to be in a new location but find myself missing my local ride locations badly.

West rock

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