Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back In The Saddle Again

Feels like it has been forever since I got out on a ride which was actually only 4 days of no riding which is sad.... I knew that sunday was going to be a ride day and was getting excited for it, John had posted up on Bikerag and he made the ultimate decision on riding Middlesex. This is a great location I made it out to once and was looking very forward to be getting a tour from some guys who new the stuff. It was set for an 8:30 start time which was a bit early but was the only way the ride was going to work for me, so when that alarm rang I really slacked getting out of bed but this dedicated dude pulled through. Off to the Gas station and fueled up and while I was doing that figured I would shoot John the idea of carpool and I sold him on it. So we met up at the commuter lot and off we went. Got wheels down at 8:30 as planned and had a rider join us and off we went. Started on some mellow double track and off my two fellow riders went, I was trying to spin my legs but there just was no horsepower. We wrapped around a reservoir on some tight twisty really cool and fun just struggling to keep up with the guys. Shot across the road and got to climbing slowly but surely and enjoying the great trails out there, lots of single track and rock and jungle. I wish I had time to get some pictures but as usual, I am playing catchup. We continued heading further south into some off the beaten path stuff and some hike a bike but still great stuff. Eventually after 2 hours we were back headed north and the riding was still oh so good. I was still slow and steady on my climbs but I was regaining some strength. Soon I was storming downhill on a really fun smooth flowing downhill that dumped us out at the car and off we went to head home. Another good day for the full suspension, maybe tomorrow I will get out I am unsure since I need some sleep and have boating plans.

Middlesex madness

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