Friday, July 22, 2011

Hawt N Heavy at Case

It was one hot mother yesterday but that did not stop me from getting out there with the mosquitos and the humidity. Actually the mosquitos were far more annoying than the heat. Between the shade and the breeze I really had no problem in the Quote HEAT WAVE DANGER!!!!!!! Shot off from work a bit early and got on the trail a hair before 5:30 and as I was puting my bike together I could not help but remember a comment Alex made yesterday about how my riding style might give me a limited amount of time on my frame. Low and behold I found a crack on one for the rear heart dropped and knew it was not a good thing. I pedaled into the woods cautiously but I knew that crack could have been there a long time and I wasn't in much of a need to go home and not ride. Things were nice out there, had it all to myself until I got to the reservoir where a bunch of punks were out enjoying the water. I was missing my furry friend but I am sure this kind of heat was no good for him. Legs were strong even after the two previous days of riding. Frame was definately on my mind but I didn't let it get me too much. Managed to come out of the woods sucessfully and get to the car 90 minutes later and really glad I got out to ride. Tried to get up this AM to ride but just a terrible night sleep, maybe tomorow morning....

Buggy case

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