Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blast From The Past

5am,Happy Wednesday today, I have been having trouble getting out on frequent rides lately due to a new job and eather and other stuff so today was a very welcomed morning of hitting the trails. I called this topic blast from the past since I have some very old memories back in the begining of my mountain bike adventures at the Indian Legde. It was about 7-8 years ago I bought my first Specialized Rockhopper and got my very first ride at Trumbull. I remember even my very first time climbing up the slabs of rock in the begining of the trail as I was pedaling up it once more again. The single speed was feeling slow and that pretty much how I was feeling but I was a happy guy to be on trail. I stuck to red with follows the far east side of the park along the highway with quite a few stiff tech climbs up and down the hillside. Memories were quickly brougt back and couldn't help but keep remembering those times I spent there with my tires. I found my way over to the north end of the park and shot me out to the street where I climbed the hill to see if the bmx race track still existed. To my surprise it was! So I busted in and entered the starting gates, looked down and just had to take a run. It was as I remember, I ripped down it wanting to clear the step ups and doubles but I didn't feel like ending my morning with a face full of dirt so I pumped through them happily. By the time I was finished I was making my way back up for one more run. It was so fun, I had memories there as well, raced there a few times when I was a little guy, I remember my last race, I was in 1st place and had too much speed to pump the double so I went down hard and got carried off the track and after that I called the quits. I decided after that fun it was time to get back to the trail. I headed back down where I popped off trail and took blue to the river and followed it south along it. It was very beautiful with the sun shining through hitting the quite flowing stream. I was so thankful the mosquitos were not out cause there was alot of moisture and I was in the perfect habitat to be eaten alive. Down on the river things got rooty but kept things in control. Still alot of familiarity kept popping up as I rode along the river. There were tons of trails heading up mountain that I wanted to take but I also was riding the perimeter of the entire park to get a good feel for the lay of the land so I kept as close to the water as I could. I got off blue and got sent into some narrow heavy swamp brush that sent me backtracking after getting pricked by thorns that caused instant skin irritation. Wondering where it went was beside me since I made it all the way to wht seemed a dead end. Back on track I checked out a little session area which had very few features I was comfortable doing but none the less a good spot. Hit the river and washed up and off to the car and to work I went.

Blast o past

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