Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot N Heavy at The Mesh

no pics from the ride so enjoy our boating pics :) Heard about the ride at mesh for a wednesday which fortunately made me able to ride with those fellas which was great! A ride at Mesh with these guys never disapoints, lots of riding styles lots of trail, lots of fun. I hit traffic pretty bad an nearly missed the ride, luckily though since I planned ahead I got there 5 minutes to spare and got geared up. I was missing my furry friend since mike always has his dog and mine never seems to make it to Mesh. I was feeling charged and ready to hit the trail more than ever and when I put the wheels to the ground I was ready. We sped into the woods and hit alot of great trails. The 29er SS hadn't seen mesh in some time so I was a bit worried but it performed flawlessly. Always a good ride through there.

Hot mesh

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