Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Be The Mesh Day

The routine tuesday night at the Mesh kicked off once again, luckily the scouts are at scout camp so I was able to join these talented riders on this night. We were rolling 7 or so deep and things got off at a good start, I was feeling pretty good and all things were working smoothly. We quickly got on some single track and began hauling through the woods. I was unsure of what we were riding but I knew some of it was new to me which was sweet. We kept going down and down and it felt nice. The Kona was especially feeling great, while it is a humble 6 year old bike that has seen some trails it still performs great for me. I was really having a blast out there today, even white dot didn't phase me too much. Made my way over some skinnies that I questioned but without much practice they are becoming easier for me. No pictures from this ride since we were moving and grooving. I must say this was my favorite all time trail pickings of the 10 or so rides here. The flow was good and I am really glad I got out on that ride.

Mesh soo good

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Random pics for enjoyment