Friday, June 21, 2013

Case O Whoopin

Well I did it again, got on a ride above my head, what else is new. I got an invite to ride some Case and was going to ride there anyway so why not do it in company. Well four of us total started up the big hill and then hopped onto the new section of trail I have not rode yet. It was nothing great, but I guess anything new is somewhat exciting. I was slow as heck off the start, I knew I was going to be in trouble as they quickly disappeared from view frequently. Well I hung in there by the skin of my teeth. By the last hour I was running low on steam with an empty belly and out of warm backpack water. I was super slow and sharty but I hung in there and decided not to bail on the ride just yet. I just kept trucking on wondering if I should split and put my headphones on and relax the last bit of trail but I stayed with it. I guess I have made it quite obvious I need to stick to my mellow solo since I don't like these strenuous rides. Hope to ride soon, at least Saturday!

Case whoopy

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