Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wednesday Crandall

Holy crap I really enjoy riding Crandalls, while I wish it was a larger area I can certainly work with all that it does have. With time not on my side I have managed to make two rides happen so far, I find that Landon can go to sleep at 6:30 so this allows me 90 minutes to an hour to ride depending if I drive to ride. So with almost two hours to ride I set off cranking at a good click with Creedence Clearwater on the tunes. Trail was nice and tacky with the cool weather and after my chain tension adjustment the bike feels so much better. A rare thing happened yesterday at Crandalls, I came across another rider, I notice tire marks as I ride usually but never came across another rider let alone on a fat bike. Felt great as usual out riding, I was feeling beat and fatigued most the day and was worried about the ride but I had no problem with the pedal on the gas surprisingly. I found myself a little over an hour with still time left, turns out I must have been moving real good. I though I made an almost two hour loop and shaved 30 minutes off of it so I must have been looney cause I could not be moving that quick. I wanted more but 90 minutes will suffice.

Crandall king

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