Monday, June 24, 2013

Hi Doggy

Friday night I asked my lady for a time frame for me riding Saturday since she has an exam coming up and not a lot of time to take care of the boy. Well it looks like the time allowed me to get back to Shenipsit and that is just what I did! With gears and squishy it was nice I am not going to lie, I needed it for all the climbing and to make life easier as I get back into condition from absence of rides. I started off standard issue and was finally going to link all the trails I had gathered and make it done right. Being my 3rd day on the bike I was riding fairly strong, welcomed by me of course but I still walked three sections of Bald Mountain because well I just don't want it that bad I guess. It was a nice day, pretty warm halfway into the ride but what you going to do. I hit the summit where I bobbled and could not find the one small section at the top, the mosquitos quickly convinced me to keep moving along or they would be forced to feast! Down the steep side and hit the paved road for a short 50 yards heading back into the forest. Well as I happily pedaled I saw a massive black dog 15 yards in front of me at the exit of a driveway, maybe a Saint Bernard, then when my eyes focused on the object, DANG! it was a black bear! I stopped dead in my tracks and was ready to start hooting and hollering obscenities but before I could he booked it down the road. I bobbled with my phone to get a picture and I caught the rear of him down the road. I was pretty spooked and my heart was racing, I have been in close proximity with multiple bears in the Wind Rivers Wyoming but I was not prepared for one here in CT! Strangely I felt on previous rides including that day, if I was to find a bear it was going to be when I was riding shenipsit. I pedaled on in mild fear as I past where he barreled into the woods but luckily he did not show his face. I rode on and completed my loop and was disappointed when I read I had only done 7 miles in almost two hours. Oh well, the loop is super good so that's my main concern. Was fun sharing that story when I got home. I wonder what Bentley would have done. I need to get him back in shape cause he needs to start riding with me again, so that's the goal this month.

N. snip goods

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