Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family Heavy

The Roy's are back we all survived! We all set off on our voyage Saturday morning with my Mom Dad Brother his girlfriend and her brother to our annual visit to Cat Island. The baby had slept good at Mom and Dad's so we were going to go with the assumption it was going to be smooth sailing come travel day. Traveling on airplanes for the first time with a 7 month old was stressful for me prior, but like everything else he behaved so well and was a real little champion. For those who don't know, Cat Island is in the Bahamas and is where my family has spent most vacations over the last 15 years. It is a very quiet Island just 60 miles long with nothing more than a a few grocery stores and kick butt beaches. We all loaded into a plane in White Plains and took off and before we knew it we were in Nassau. Once we landed we made our way to a connection where we would be flying 40 minutes to Cat Island. Landon passed out drinking his bottle while we both became soaked in sweat from lack of air flow on the plane but no big deal. We hit tarmac by 5 and were out on the beach where we got to take our little boy into the ocean for the very first time. What a great experience as we dipped him in and out of the water and played with him. He was pretty exhausted from the whole experience but he was being a good sport. One heck of a day I tell you, when the boy went down a load of bricks were lifted off my shoulders and relaxation fully set in.
007 009 012 photo(30) 020 photo(31) photo(34) 023 The next day we awoke to another warm toasty sunny Bahamian day, It was glorious walking with my smoking hot wife down the sandy beach with our little boy, I truly am a humble grateful man. We proceeded to get Landon into the water and then set off on his very first boat ride, a lot of firsts this trip by the way. The breeze had him squinting most the time but he was greeting us with gummy smiles the whole way! It sucked that it would be our one and only boat ride the rest of the trip. Later that day LuAnn took out my brothers inflatable paddle board after me which I was extremely impressed with it's construction! It was both our first time on a paddle board and quickly grew to love it!
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Monday Night was mine and LuAnn's 4th year wedding anniversary, the timing was poor for it to be on a family vacation but hey roll with the punches so that's what we did. We decided to have dinner next door at the hotel and enjoy a evening together. We put the boy to sleep and off we went and had a fantastic ocean side dinner with live music and each others loving company. photo(37)
From then on the weather took a turn and most days were overcast but still filled with beach fun with paddle ball and this awesome invention called wababoa ball. If you are in calm waters this is tremendously fun as it defies gravity and skips across the water. The last day we got just a glimpse of sun and that is when a few more pictures got snapped and was followed later with torrential downpours. Could have used a lot more sun this trip but it was great regardless spending time with my entire family. Going to have to get a crack at it next summer and the little man will be tearing up the beach like a mad man I am sure! Great trip!
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