Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thunder Alley

Well the humidity and heat has arrived, there are daily thunderstorms perfectly timed for when I want to ride my bike. Luckily I snuck and hour in on Monday before the imminent threat came upon us. I rode Hale cause the baby was in a nap and that gave me the time I needed to unleash some fury. It was an hour but any ride with some needed exercise was welcomed. Then Tuesday came around and while not my normal ride day I was free from scouts duty but was rained out once again. Wednesday a little rain passed through and put the baby down and put 90 minutes of trail down on some good stuff. Still hot as could be but I was riding right! Felt pretty good throughout despite the mosquito's, one day I will put the bug spray on. Not all too much else going on around here, there is a lot more rain prediction for the next few days so I doubt I will ride again. Time to take up running or something to get me through this crap I guess. In more exciting news I have Mapped and planed over 5 ride so far, one which has probably never been done by a Utah rider, I plan to ride ridge trail 157 out to the Crest trail, probably a 50 mile ride or so with some serious elevation sustained 9-10,000ft we shall see if it happens. Trying to learn to use google maps so I can make and official route...... I came close to 100 miles in Utah last year I should hit that this trip, that is with what free time is allowed to me by my poor wife who has to deal this this Mountain nut. I lover the Wasatch I can't wait to be re united again. You bikers have no clue what your missing in SLC area riding. Suspicious bump on my leg, never found a tick but worried about Lyme, going to Dr. today.
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