Monday, July 1, 2013

Wild Ride

I was off to Crandalls Friday night for a 90 minute spin before it got dark. The sun popped out for a little while before the ride which usually is a motivating factor especially after a rainy dreary week. Equipped with a singlespeed and a freshly cleaned BB I was finally back rolling smooth. This was my third time out this week which was fantastic, I was short on ride hours and this would be another cut short. Trails were in good condition, found the rocks and roots icy as usual. It was hot and humid as could be but there is no changing the funky CT weather. Mosquiteos were atrocious and attacked and any standstill, so I kept moving at a good click. I made the mistake of riding the Whales Back rock I think it's called, and found myself sliding as soon as I started, it was a pretty harry ride from then on as I balanced the bike trying to stay on and eventually got ejected as my rear wheel popped off. This is the second time, apparently the frame dropouts widening and cheap skewers are causing a real headache with this frame. Anyway I was pretty rattled as that was a really scary ride and lucky to have escaped an injury. I traveled on and cut the ride a little short in eager to get home and have some time with me wife. Was happy to get out but was another soggy yucko riding day but oh well. Not a tick bite by the way, all is good.
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